Which side are you on? Radical Teaching and Learning support work after the pandemic

The following was actually an article proposal that didn’t get accepted, but I have been sharing it and have gotten a bit of positive feedback, so I am going to leave it up here as a blog post. Note: This article idea came to me shortly after most higher education institutions returned to in-person teaching, […]

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A feminist perspective on the “where” of online learning

I recently asked my students to reflect on their experiences in an online asynchronous course. The prompts (I’ll admit) were nothing very original: What did you get out of the course? Favorite and least favorite modules? What would you change for the next time the course is taught? One student began her reflection with a […]

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Why are academic accommodations positioned as “situationally sanctioned cheating?”

If you review a typical college-level syllabus, you will often find one or more standardized statements that describe institutional policies on certain issues. More recently, these “syllabus statements” have evolved to include helpful or supportive information for students such as “basic needs” statements or campus mental health resources. However, in my experience the two most […]

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Is it possible to ban remote proctoring?

This post is co-authored by and jointly published with Autumm Caines. The harms of remote proctoring have been so extensively documented that some educational institutions have now instituted formal recommendations or policies against using remote proctoring.  But, is it possible to ban remote proctoring on campus? We have found that even when these decisions are […]


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