Sarah E. Silverman, PhD

I am an instructional designer and Disability Studies instructor currently teaching at University of Michigan, Dearborn. My core areas of practice in instructional design include Universal Design for Learning (UDL) and authentic assessment. I was previously an Instructional Designer at the Hub for Teaching and Learning Resources at UM Dearborn, the Program Facilitator at the Delta Program for Research, Teaching, and Learning at UW Madison, and a graduate teaching consultant and learning community coordinator at University of California – Davis. A scientist by training, I received my PhD in Entomology and Demography from UC Davis.

I am also active in the movement to resist academic surveillance technologies, in particular remote proctoring, and co-authored an article on my institution’s decision to resist adopting remote proctoring during the COVID-19 pandemic. My interests in Disability Studies include the ableist biases of educational technologies and the intersections of feminist and disability-informed pedagogies.

I use the blog section of this site as a space to communicate some of my work in educational development, and some of my analyses of larger issues related to teaching in higher education.