Links to My Work

Please see the following links to some of my recent work:

Remote Proctoring and Student Surveillance

Silverman, S., Caines, A., Casey, C., Garcia de Hurtado, B., Riviere, J., Sintjago, A., & Vecchiola, C. (2021). What Happens When You Close the Door on Remote Proctoring? Moving Toward Authentic Assessments with a People-Centered Approach. To Improve the Academy: A Journal of Educational Development, 39(3).

“Harm reduction and abstinence with Canvas analytics” on UM-Dearborn Hub for Teaching and Learning Blog

UDL and Faculty Development

ThinkUDL Podcast with Lillian Nave (additional links on Podcast page)

Faculty as Learners: Applying UDL to Faculty Members’ Diverse Learning and Life Needs. Presentation with Christina Moore (Oakland University) at UDLHE Digicon 2020. Slides | Handout