Links to My Work

Please see the following links to some of my recent work:

Remote Proctoring and Student Surveillance

Caines, A., & Silverman, S. (2021). Back Doors, Trap Doors, and Fourth-Party Deals: How You End up with Harmful Academic Surveillance Technology on Your Campus without Even Knowing. Journal of Interactive Technology and Pedagogy.

Silverman, S., Caines, A., Casey, C., Garcia de Hurtado, B., Riviere, J., Sintjago, A., & Vecchiola, C. (2021). What Happens When You Close the Door on Remote Proctoring? Moving Toward Authentic Assessments with a People-Centered Approach. To Improve the Academy: A Journal of Educational Development, 39(3).

“Harm reduction and abstinence with Canvas analytics” on UM-Dearborn Hub for Teaching and Learning Blog

UDL and Faculty Development

Silverman, S. (2023). Instructors are learners too: Making faculty development accessible to faculty. New Directions for Teaching and Learning.

ThinkUDL Podcast with Lillian Nave (additional links on Podcast page)

Faculty as Learners: Applying UDL to Faculty Members’ Diverse Learning and Life Needs. Presentation with Christina Moore (Oakland University) at UDLHE Digicon 2020. Slides | Handout

Online Teaching

“Complicating “flexibility” in online learning from a feminist perspective” in Feminist Pedagogy for Teaching Online (blog)

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